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Four young men who grew up craving an education, a typewriter was something to get excited about. Here was an instrument of the written word, a machine for the educated.

Coming March 14, 2005

This book follows four refugees from southern Sudan for their first two years in the U.S. Separated from parents as boys, they were among thousands of "Lost Boys" forced in the late '80s to march several hundred miles, a journey that killed thousands. The U.S. welcomed 3,800 "Lost Boys" in 2000 and 2001.

The book combines cinematic reporting with authoritative research to tell the "story behind the story" of the resettlement. It also documents the history of Sudan, the politics of refugee resettlement and the evolution of U.S. refugee policy. It chronicles four men as they go to work, learn to drive and struggle to receive what they want more than anything - an education.


A portion of the proceeds will go directly to some of the Lost Boys of Sudan, to help cover educational, medical and other expenses.
Another portion will support two-month refugee orientation sessions at
Jubilee Partners, a Christian service organization in Comer, Georgia.

ADVANCE PRAISE for The Lost Boys of Sudan: An American Story of the Refugee Experience

Former President Jimmy Carter, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize for Peace

The journey of the 'Lost Boys of Sudan' is both heartbreaking and inspiring. It speaks to the strength of the human spirit to survive and grow under even the most abject circumstances.

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Their plight eloquently shows us the terrible consequences for children of war, and their personal triumphs over adversity symbolize a great hope for Africa and the global community.

Mary Pipher, author of The Middle of Everywhere: The World's Refugees Come to Our Town

Mark Bixler shows what the refugee experience is like for tribal, traditional and traumatized people as they crash into modern America. While there are quite a few books on the Sudanese in America, this is the one that connects personal stories to history, foreign policy and public policy. It's erudite and readable, a rare combination.


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